Pothole Repair

All-Season Repairs for Pavement Potholes
When potholes make your parking lot or driveway a danger to vehicles and reduce the rideability of your pavement, turn to the courteous and knowledgeable team at Affordable G. Nichols Paving Contractor for immediate and long-term repairs.

Although usually caused by freezing and thawing moisture, traffic, poor underlying support, or - what is most likely - a combination of factors, pothole problems can still be addressed throughout the year, including the dead of winter.

Our winter repairs are emergency measures designed to hold you over until we can do more permanent work in the spring, when the base materials are wet and soft and freeze-and-thaw cycles are less common - generally by mid to late March.

For additional information or to request a free estimate, call us at (732) 575-4081 today.

Hot-Fill Crack Repair for Drives and Parking Lots
When cracks develop in your asphalt driveway or parking lot, you can extend the life of the paved surface with our hot-fill services.

Filling cracks early on stops vegetation from growing in them and stops water from entering the asphalt, both of which can contribute to material deterioration and to pushing the pavement up to create an uneven driving surface.

Don't give the elements a chance to destroy your asphalt. Contact us today. We back up our work with a one-year warranty!

1-Year Warranty on Material and Labor
10% Discount Available
Fully Licensed and Insured!

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